2014-10-17 / Letters

City’s issues global in scope

To the editor,

South Portland is undergoing a growth spurt, not in population, but in maturity of outlook. The City’s very forward looking Comprehensive Plan has been put to the test with the recent tar sands controversy and South Portland has emerged much more attuned to the 21st Century, and much more active in shaping it. City Council candidates Claude Morgan, Brad Fox, and Patti Smith all recognize that the future cannot be the same as the past. That is because we know too much now about the world we live in and about how our decisions locally can affect lives that are far away and generations ahead. That is the new reality of globalization and the new promise of smarter, more worldly elected officials.

Much momentum has been gained in South Portland in realizing new directions for industry and commerce that are community- and environment-friendly. We can choose progressive leadership that steers this city toward that future as written in the Comprehensive Plan, or we can choose conservative voices on the city council who would rather sit idly by as decisions are made for them by big outside forces, such as ExxonMobil and the Tory Canadian government, who see South Portland a commodity and not as a community.

Local politics can often be a sleepy affair dealing with little local issues that are small in scope. But South Portland’s issues at this particular juncture are uniquely global in scope even as they are rooted in local home rule. There are no middle-ground candidates on the slate this November. Please test the wind and cast your vote for city council. My own hope is that the wind blows forward not backward, and so I am proud to cast my vote for Morgan, Fox, and Smith.

Eben Rose
South Portland

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