2014-10-17 / Letters

Lifelong committment to community

To the editor,

I hope you will join me in voting for Brad Fox for the South Portland City Council on Nov. 4. You can now vote early at City Hall.

Brad Fox has a lifelong commitment to community and would bring this to his position on the city council if elected.

He has been an educator and principal of a school and recognizes how important it is to support our young people so they can succeed as learners and to involve parents and community in that process. Now retired, he has started a homework club in the socioeconomically and culturally diverse 5th District where he is a resident. He recognizes the importance of all residents and neighborhoods of the city having their needs heard. He would also bring his important experience working in administration with budgets to the City Council position.

Brad Fox is committed to the vision of the Comprehensive Plan in making South Portland a livable and healthy community for all its residents.

He supports the current city council’s passage of the Clear Skies Ordinance along with tree planting and water management projects around the Maine Mall area.

Brad Fox is an approachable, intelligent person who is committed to problem solving and making South Portland a vibrant place where families — young and old will want to live. That’s what businesses proved to be looking for as well.

I encourage you to vote for Brad Fox for South Portland City Council! He will be good for South Portland.

Roberta Zuckerman
South Portland

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