2014-10-17 / Letters

Return incumbent to council

To the editor,

Claude Morgan is running for city council in South Portland and he deserves your vote. Claude has earned my vote because of his accomplishments during his first term as Councilor and as a mayor and because he has solid plans for our city's present and future.

Claude was one of the council members who supported reasonable rules for people to walk their dogs on Willard Beach and in parks in the city. His support of a balanced solution is the reason I can still enjoy walking on Willard Beach with my two dogs, as I have for years. Claude Morgan's leadership on this issue was a critical element in ensuring this access, which contributes so much to many residents' quality of life.

Claude Morgan has good ideas for South Portland's future, to make our City healthier and more environmentally friendly. With better air quality and a movement toward renewable energy we will all live better lives here.

Claude is a person who serves for the good of the people he represents so please give Claude Morgan your vote for City Council. He will be a reasonable and positive council member who will act in the best interests of the people in our city.

Brenda Peluso
South Portland

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