2014-10-17 / Letters

The choice is clear

To the editor:

I support Brad Fox for South Portland City Council (District 5) and urge all South Portland voters to vote for Brad on Nov. 4. Brad will listen to his constituents, work in the best interests of our city and help South Portland continue to improve its schools, neighborhoods and opportunities for our local businesses.

In contrast, Brad’s opponent has shown that he has no real interest in the job. Why, we must ask, is he running again?

When Mr. Livingston served on the council, he was absent for one third of the meetings during 2013. This is more than four times as many absences as any other councilor. You can verify this information for yourself by reviewing the city council minutes at http://www.southportland.org/ our-city/city-council/agenda-archive-2014/. (absent eight out of 25 meetings: Feb. 20, May 13, June 3, Aug. 15, Sept. 4, Sept. 16, Sept. 30 and Nov. 4, all of 2013.) The people of South Portland deserve better.

Mr. Livingston not only failed to attend meetings, he neither worked cooperatively with others nor represented the prevailing views of his community. He was the only councilor who voted against the council’s resolution supporting marriage equality prior to the statewide vote on Question 1 in 2012. He vehemently criticized citizens who worked to prevent tar sands oil from being brought to South Portland, including telling the audience “get your head out of the sand” in a council meeting on Oct. 21, 2013. He was removed from a building committee for the new high school because of friction with the superintendent and school board.

It is undisputed that past performance is the best indicator of future behavior. The record speaks for itself.

The choice for our community is clear: vote Brad Fox for city council.

Natalie E. West
South Portland

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