2014-10-17 / Letters

Vote for candidate is vote for city

To the editor:

I am writing to show my support for Brad Fox, who is running for city council in South Portland (District 5).

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Fox recently, and was very impressed with his credentials, as well as his promise to be an advocate for our schools and local businesses. And he is a strong supporter of SoPo's new Clear Skies Ordinance.

He is also a resident of the western part of South Portland in District 5, an area that is experiencing the most growth and, therefore, an area whose citizens should be assured of their voices being heard.

Brad Fox stands in direct contrast to his opponent, Alan Livingston, who has chosen to run again despite an apparent lack of leadership and diplomatic skills, an unwillingness to represent those views held by his constituents, and a tendency to find better ways to occupy his time when city council meetings are held. In 2013, Mr. Livingston missed eight out of 25 meetings (http://www.southportland.org/ our-city/city-council/agenda-archive-2014/). During 2011- 2012, I attended six meetings of the Noise Abatement Committee held at Portland Jetport (conducted every 3 months), at which Mr. Livingston was South Portland's ostensible representative. After noting his nameplate in front of his empty seat for five of these meetings, I began to wonder if he suffered from some terminal illness. Finally he showed up at the sixth meeting I attended... and said not a word beyond stating "present" at roll call.

If being absent from duties was a contest, then Mr. Livingston would hold the dubious distinction of being the clear winner. Unfortunately, South Portland residents will be the losers, should he regain his seat.

Rather than electing someone who, when he deigns to show up at all, is merely an obstructionist (against Marriage equality / unable to work with high school superintendent and school board / dismissive of South Portland citizens concerned over tar/oil sands), let's instead usher in a candidate who is earnest, intelligent, and open-minded — someone who will listen to the voices of South Portland citizens, as opposed to someone who only listens to the voices in his head!

A vote for Alan Livingston is merely a wasted vote for Alan Livingston.

A vote for Brad Fox is a vote for South Portland!

William Duffy
South Portland

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