2014-10-24 / Letters

Candidates have business backgrounds

To the editor:

We need to support these two candidates, Mike Pock for city council and William (Bill) DeSena for Senate.

Both of these candidates are fiscal conservatives. Both come with business as a background. Mike has his own carpentry business and therefore is very concerned about the South Portland tax situation. Bill’s career was in finance and business. Both candidates are easy to talk to and are not afraid to make the tough decisions. Bill DeSena is tired of the partisan politics that seems to be a way of life for elected persons in Augusta. He is able to talk to just about anyone, but most importantly, he understands finance and will watch that the Augusta crowd doesn’t hand down the costs to individual communities as we have seen in the last couple years. Please vote Nov. 4 and cast your vote for Mike Pock for South Portland City Council and Bill DeSena for Senate. Make your vote count.

Maxine Beecher
South Portland

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