2014-10-24 / Letters

Citizen gives lineup for future city council

To the editor:

I am voting for Brad Fox and Claude Morgan for South

Portland City Council because they both have proven administrative ability and have demonstrated that they listen to fellow citizens, understand what is being communicated and then take action.

Their opponents, on the other hand, have demonstrated the pursuit of personal agendas. A substandard 66 percent council attendance record (minimum required 75 percent) and angry outbursts characterize Al Livingston, who is running against Brad Fox in District 5. Taking the advice of oil company attorneys (rather than the input of constituents) and reading oil company handouts and proposing an oil company-crafted amendment during council deliberations sums up Mike Pock, who is running against Claude Morgan in District 1.

We need councilors who will exercise integrity and independence but also consult with and represent all our citizens. Our councilors represent city districts, but each one of us (regardless of district) has the responsibility to elect the councilors for Districts 1, 2 and 5. Patti Smith in District 2 is unopposed. Please join me in voting for Brad Fox and Claude Morgan for South Portland City Council.

Robert Sellin
South Portland

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