2014-10-24 / Letters

Incumbent works tirelessly

To the editor:

I am eager to share my active support for Rebecca

Millett to continue to serve our state Senate district in South Portland, Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth. Her dedicated service in a short time has demonstrated significant leadership in negotiating details of legislation toward a positive outcome for our schools, environment and economy. Her thoughtful, wise and hardworking ethic is worthy of recognition. She shuttles back and forth to Augusta for extra meetings at all hours, with the support of her family. While this kind of presence during important negotiations is not readily visible, it is an essential factor in her effectiveness as a senator who fulfills responsibilities well beyond meeting with the legislature, to the nitty gritty of the hard work needed in committees and commissions to craft and implement important and helpful legislation.

We need Rebecca Millett to continue in the Senate, where she has demonstrated in two years her commitment and skill as she works in the best interest of our communities and the state of Maine.

Karen Hessel
Cape Elizabeth

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