2014-10-31 / Letters

One candidate stands out

To the editor:

I am voting early. To those who are waiting to see what happens before they vote: we know what happens, we saw it last time when Gov. Paul LePage won because of Eliot Cutler. The only way to stop it is to stop it. The polls consistently show Mike Michaud and LePage in a statistical tie and Cutler running at a very distant third.

Cutler cannot win. Michaud can.

Mike Michaud has devoted his lifetime to serving the people of Maine in both the statehouse and Senate as well as in Washington, and with a lengthy record of successful negotiations and actually getting things done. But don’t forget he also worked for Great Northern Paper for 20 years. No one running has more knowledge of the issues Maine is facing or as much experience with both the politics and the businesses of Maine. Michaud is a good man who has proven time and again that he has what it takes to do what is right for the people of Maine.

Robin Elliott South Portland

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