2014-12-19 / Community

Spring Point Ledge Light has successful season, volunteers needed for next

The Spring Point Ledge Light Trust announced a record-breaking year, based on a tally of the results of the 2014 open house season. After doubling the 2012 results in 2013, the trust went on to triple the 2012 financial results in 2014.

According to treasurer John McClean, 3,186 people visited the lighthouse during the regular summer weekend open house events. The lighthouse averaged 106 people per opening and generated revenues of $21,283, including $7,163 in sales of merchandise, snacks and beverages at the trust’s ticket shed. Bus, bicycle, cruise ship and other tours added another 436 people and $12,479 in revenues, bringing total visitation to 3,622. Additional funds came from individual donations and sponsorships. In all, total revenues for the 2014 summer season were $33,762. This compares with total revenues in 2013 of $26,023 and $10,644 in 2012.

Trust Chairman Keith Thompson said while the results were very gratifying, the trust is still in constant need of volunteers from the community to aid in tours and serve on committees.

“The upward trend of the past three years is proof we’re beginning to do a lot of things right,” Thompson said. “The challenge going forward is to continue that growth and attract quality volunteers to staff the lighthouse and ticket shed during the busy open house season. Thanks to the growing popularity of the iconic lighthouse, another increase in visitors next year could severely strain an already thin volunteer base.”

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