2015-01-23 / Business Review

Worried About Poor Credit?

Contact Joanna Murphy at New England Credit Consultants

New England Credit Consultants, the only licensed and bonded credit repair agency in the state of Maine, is located in Portland and specializes in credit and financial counseling, identity theft resolution, and credit restoration. Owner Joanna Murphy has helped hundreds of clients buy their first car or home; save for college or retirement; get back on track after struggling with unexpected expenses, divorce or death; and fight back from identity theft and “quick-fix” credit repair schemes.

“I needed to fix my credit score, but had difficulty knowing what to do first. When I asked my banker and accountant, both said they hired professionals to take care of their credit. That's when I called Joanna Murphy at New England Credit Consultants. She took care of the small inconsistencies that were hurting my credit score. In the end, her work was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me. I really appreciate all she did,” said Walter, one of New England Credit Consultant’s satisfied clients.

Besides credit repair, New England Credit Consultants also teaches people the basic skills of budgeting, living within their means, and planning for life’s “unplanned” events so they have the tools to attain financial stability and their life goals.

For more information, visit www.necreditconsultants.com or call my office at

(207) 358-7490 or email me credit@necreditconsultants.com

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