2015-02-06 / Community

Calvary completes repository

Officials from Calvary Cemetery, located at 1461 Broadway in South Portland, announced the completion of a new columbarium, an above-ground repository for human ashes. The columbarium at the central pieta statue includes 716 cremation niches.

“Each niche has a granite covering engraved just like a traditional monument. There is also an inner cover which is secured under the granite cover,” said Debbie Moore, office manager at Calvary Cemetery. “The columbarium is beautiful and eliminates many of the separate expenses that a traditional in-ground burial plot would incur. You don’t need to buy a separate stone or allow for the cost of a cement vault. Also, lettering of names and dates are included and, for veterans, we will include an emblem of the appropriate branch of service.”

Cremation, when chosen for reasons that are in keeping with Catholic teaching, is permitted. Whenever possible, the preference is for the cremation to occur after the celebration of the funeral liturgy. If that is impossible or not advisable, priests and deacons may permit the celebration of the funeral rites in the presence of the cremated remains. Similar to the respect and reverence that is given to the body by burying it after death, it is the expectation of the church that cremated remains be buried in blessed or consecrated ground or interred in a columbarium/cremation niche.

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