2015-02-20 / Letters

Gift to police department is no coincidence

To the editor:

In “Police chief defends policies” (Feb. 13), we are first told that on Nov. 17, the South Portland City Council “accepted a $2,500 gift from Portland Pipe Line to the police department to purchase Taser units.” This is followed by Police Chief Googins’s claim that the donation was not earmarked for this purpose and that it was his decision to use the money to buy Tasers.

In a separate article, we learn that on Feb. 6 – less than three months later – Portland Pipe Line filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court to overturn the Clear Skies Ordinance. Are we to believe that there is no link between Portland Pipe Line’s gift and its lawsuit, that Portland Pipeline is not anticipating the reaction of city residents, should the ordinance be overturned by the court? In this season of single-digit temperatures, I am even further chilled by the implications of these events.

Victoria Alexander
South Portland

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