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Home Snuggers - Snugging Homes All Winter Long!

These cold temperatures and snow drifts will be with us for a while. But it is not too late to re-insulate your home for all winter season!

Home Snuggers is a locally owned and operated re-insulation specialist. And they can deliver a new level of home comfort and energy savings any time of the year! “We are able to serve people even in winter,” said Michael Brokordt, Home Snugger’s Marketing Manager.

Founded in 2011 by Mark Walker, the vision for Home Snuggers is to offer proven, superior methods and materials for existing homes. “Many people know how to build new homes for energy efficiency but what about homes people are living in?” asks Mark Walker. “We know how to make quantum improvements for comfort and energy savings without the mess, hassle, and expense of tearing a home apart.”

Home Snuggers is the only company in Maine licensed to offer RetroFoam™, an environmentally friendly foam that adds unprecedented comfort to existing homes. Working from outside the home, the RetroFoam™ injection process fills all the wall cavities behind a building’s existing siding – vinyl, clapboard, or brick – whether or not they already have some insulation. Most homes can be snugged in one day.

And, since RetroFoam™ is ecofriendly, people do not need to vacate their home while Home Snuggers technicians work. Walker discovered RetroFoam™ while working in engineering and construction in the Midwest where, for more than 12 years, it has been used in thousands of homes.

“From my research, RetroFoam™ is the best product on the market.” adds Brokordt. “And Maine has lots of older homes that need better insulation. We offer a foam technology that’s much more appropriate than fiberglass insulation, both for our environment and for the climate in Maine”

RetroFoam™ is so environmentally friendly workers need use no safety gear with it. “Our employees touch it with their bare hands,” says Brokordt. “It’s also pest resistant, hypo-allergenic, fire resistant, and a great sound dampener.”

Results can be life changing. Homeowners always enjoy a quieter, more evenly heated, less drafty house. And energy savings of 30% - 40% are pretty enjoyable too! Plus, RetroFoam™ keeps homes cooler in the summer months and cuts down on air conditioning electric bills.

Home Snuggers, based on Roosevelt Trail in Windham, serves Maine from Kittery to Fryeburg, Farmington and coastal Maine. They have come a long way in the last four years. Starting with 2 employees they have grown to 11 and plan to continue creating many more jobs in Maine.

For more information, visit homesnuggers.com or call (207) 894- 5415 for a free estimate.

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