2015-02-27 / Letters

There’s always one

To the editor:

Sadly, there will always be mean-spirited complainers like Tim Smith (“Blogger Berates South Portland Political Leaders”). Sadder, still, is your paper’s decision to devote so much ink to repeating the nasty whining of one malcontent. Without your exposure he might have remained in well-deserved obscurity.

I know and respect all four of the community leaders he chose to slander in his egotistical rant. They – and so many more – are the ones who make South Portland such a wonderful community. I’m particularly grateful to those who allegedly got Mr. Smith’s name off the ballot. He doesn’t deserve even a token vote.

Please, Sentry, raise your standards a bit – even in a slow news week – and don’t get sucked into promoting those who have nothing positive to contribute, especially when belittling our community and the public-spirited leaders who generously work to make it better for everyone.

John B. McCall
South Portland

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