2015-03-13 / Letters

Frequent diner praises wait staff

To the editor:

I am writing relative to a hard-working group of people in our society today. My wife and I enjoy dining out frequently and we notice the hard-working waiters and waitresses who serve the public in our local restaurants.

We watch them as they try to be pleasant, courteous and efficient as they work. We see them try to give service as they serve food, clear tables, carry heavy trays and deal with unhappy customers. They work hard for the minimum wage, which is lower than the state minimum wage. We also feel there are many people who do not leave the proper gratuity (at least 15 percent) that is expected today.

We know there are days and weeks set aside to honor nurses, teachers, secretaries and other service people. This is a fine thing to do. They deserve it.

We also think of those faithful wait people who deserve to be honored for a job well done.

Frank G. Ham
Cape Elizabeth

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