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How a healthy diet helps you and the environment ...

The right dietary choices can not only improve your health but the environment as well. But urbanization and increasingly busy schedules force many people to seek the most convenient, and not necessarily the healthiest, foods.

The growing reliance on processed foods may be hurting humans and the planet they call home. Processed foods tend to be loaded with starches and preservatives, increasing consumers’ risk of diabetes and being obese. In addition, many prepackaged foods are shipped from faraway processing plants, and vast amounts of fuel must be consumed for products to get from those plants to local grocery stores.

But subtle shifts in dietary habits and trends can decrease mortality rates and reduce global greenhouse gas emissions resulting from food production. Adopting alternative diets that feature a higher ratio of fish, whole grains and locally grown produce can greatly reduce an individual’s carbon footprint.

The “New Nordic Diet” is one example of a growing dietary trend that has the potential to improve the health of humans and the environment. So says Henrik Saxe, an associate professor who specializes in sustainability at Copenhagen University. Researchers found a reduction in greenhouse gases of at least 6 percent with the New Nordic Diet, as compared to typical diets in Denmark.

The following are a few ways average men and women can eat to promote their own health while simultaneously protecting the environment.

· Adopt climate-friendly eating habits that rely on more domestic, in-season foods.

· Cut down on meat consumption.

· Eat organic foods as much as possible.

· Avoid seafood harvested from fish farms which can negatively impact your own health and marine life.

· Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

· Shop at local markets that support nearby farms and farmer’s markets.

· Purchase products with the least amount of packaging.

Rolnick Chiropractic

Dr. Ellie’s Health Tip of the Month: A lot of stuff happens in the health field. Everyday research comes out giving us new information to help us live healthier lives and improve our quality of life. Some of this news falls on deaf ears and people ignore the science of good health continuing detrimental habits and eating rituals that contribute to ill health. Here is the good news: an ever increasing segment of the population is listening to the latest health news and applying it to their own lives. This is evidenced by the fact that all of the major supermarket chains and grocery outlet stores all have organic food sections. The organic selections are growing larger each month with bigger and better choices in the meat, dairy and produce departments. Even drug stores are selling alternative treatments for common every day illnesses. Homeopathic remedies are readily available in CVS and Walgreens. And both of these stores along with the big supermarkets have huge vitamin supplement sections and healthy food and snack aisles. In addition, annual office visits to chiropractors, acupuncturists, nutritionists and massage therapists have increased exponentially over the last few years as people are searching for drug-free approaches to health care. Memberships

in fitness centers have reached record numbers. Fitness is no longer a fad or trend. It has become an essential life style ingredient that fosters good health. 10 years ago, yoga was a small part of the fitness industry. Now, new yoga studios are in every town and flourishing. Exercise classes are full and personal training is a legitimate profession where a certified practitioner can make a living helping people exercise their way to good health. Time magazine recently reported that one day the life expectancy may reach 142. In our generation, we will see more and more people living active, productive lives at the age of 100. And it’s all because of the latest advances in the health field. Positive research in nutrition and exercise are helping us to be healthier and live longer. The key is paying attention to the info and applying it to your own lives. Eat healthy organic foods, exercise, take vitamins, drink good water, get plenty of rest, manage stress and nurture your nervous system. Paying attention to all of these areas will get you to the healthy age of 100! For more information about how chiropractic can help you create health, check out our webpage rolnickchiropractic.com or like us on facebook. Schedule an appointment at 207-283-1168.

Think you need a hearing aid?

If you need or think you might need a hearing aid, you should call Mark Vail today — he’ll test and evaluate you for the hearing aid you need in the comfort of your home and you’ll be happy with it.

By visiting people in their homes, Mark can make the best assessment of what the person’s needs are. Sometimes, he visits people at their places of work because of concerns there. This attention to detail shows up in the low return rate he has.

You can reach Mark Vail at 284-9600 or toll free at 877-284-3400. Call today and you’ll be hearing better soon.

Life Enrichment begins with 8 Dimensions of Wellness at Piper Shores

Independent living residents at Piper Shores are benefiting from a new holistic approach towards wellness. Based on a nationally recognized personal care approach, the Life Enrichment programs seek to balance what is referred to as the “8 Dimensions of Wellness.”

Life Enrichment is dedicated to the belief that when all aspects of a person’s being are engaged and working in balance, the result is a truly fulfilled, engaged and enriching life. Bigger than activities, exercise options, lectures, outings and amenities, Life Enrichment incorporates the emotional, social, spiritual, financial, physical, intellectual, occupational and environmental aspects of a person’s life. Since each aspect of wellness affect overall quality of life, it is important to ensure a healthy balance between each.

“Our goal is that every Piper Shores resident ends their day with the thought that their life is really full,” says Tara Cloutier, Life Enrichment Manager.

Formally initiated in November of 2014, Life Enrichment advances the goals established in Piper Shore’s mission, and aligns the day-today life of each resident with the larger goal of creating a vibrant retirement community.

Basics Fitness Center

I am a 68 year old retired Missouri Synod Lutheran Pastor. I retired due to what is commonly referred to as poor health. Over the past years, I’ve had threatening illnesses (including cancer, open heart surgery, degenerative spine, Type I Diabetes and COPD.

I began exercising at Basics in the Spring of 2014 on the recommendation of Saco Bay Physical Therapy. They said, “We have done all we can do for you” I believe that Saco Bay saved my life by sending me to Basics. I believe that Basics gave me a new life. Basics fosters a non-threatening environment where everyone is encouraged to work & train according to his/her ability. No one, and I do mean, no one, will ever feel self-conscious regarding their limitations. I should know. I have, with the help and encouragement of staff, advanced from crawling into Basics when I could, to being an enthusiastic three times a week seeker of heath and fitness. My three times (1 hr.) a week workouts are a joy. Due to Basics I will not stay at a hotel that does not have a workout facility.

I wanted to thank the folks at Basics for what they have done for me. Their attitude towards their members provides encouragement that compliment mind, body, and soul.

Perplexed, bewildered, dazed, or confused about health insurance?

Karen Vachon, Licensed health insurance agents helps individuals, families, small business owners, and senior citizens navigate their health insurance options. From Obamacare to Medicare Vachon’s approach is different. She gets up close to the individual client’s needs and situation and taps into available resources to protect life’s twist, turns, and surprises.

“The health insurance purchased has changed a lot in the last year and people are really confused”, explains Karen, who helps people determine their eligibility for tax credits, along with choosing a plan that best meets their needs and budget. “People are also concerned about the tax penalty if they don’t have health insurance”, says Karen, who helps people identify if they’re exempt from the penalty; or would prefer more affordable protection off the exchange.

Tired of 1-800 eternal hold? Feeling perplexed, bewildered, dazed and confused? Call Karen! 207-730-2664. There is no fee for her service.

The Home Energy Savings Program

The Home Energy Savings Program, or HESP from Efficiency Maine is providing the most accessible support for homeowners who need to re-insulate their homes,” reports Mark Walker, General Manager of Home Snuggers. To help them cut their heating bills, Efficiency Maine will rebate up to $1,500 to customers. And almost all new Home Snuggers customers qualify for at least $1,000 from Efficiency Maine.

Home Snuggers is a Windham based family business founded in 2011, solely for the purpose of re-insulating homes in Maine. Their premier product, RetroFoam, is a super insulation technology tested in thousands of existing American homes over the last 10 years. Homeowners typically slash their heating bills by one third with the addition of RetroFoam to their exterior walls. RetroFoam seals all the gaps and cracks where heat escapes and eliminates drafts.

Anyone interested in financing the modest cost of a RetroFoam installation - an average home is only $2,500 to $4,000 - can apply for a low interest PACE Loan from Efficiency Maine. Energy savings usually cover the monthly loan payments, which makes it easy to pay off quickly.

According to Walker, “Everyone knows energy costs will rise in coming years. Home Snuggers provides healthy and affordable insulation, while being a neighbor of integrity in our communities.” It is noteworthy that RetroFoam is totally ecofriendly. Eric Hallee, Vice President of Chase Customs Homes points out, “RetroFoam doesn’t produce vapors, and installers do not need protective gear.”

Customers speak highly of Home Snuggers. Exclaimed Deborah King of Cape Elizabeth on one cold, sunny morning as she walked into the office: “It is so hot in here, you have to turn the heat down. Apparently the RetroFoam is working. The heat wasn’t even on!”

Efficiency Maine’s Home Energy Savings Program will likely be funded through June 30, 2015. Homeowners should take advantage of this incentive of up to $1,500 for upgrading their house while also cutting their home heating bills.

Free Balanced Living Assessments Free Food & Body Balance Support Group

Cultivating Balance, a nonprofit organization affiliated with Art of Awareness is offering free Balanced Living Assessments. Contact us to schedule an assessment, if you would like support in identifying and addressing the areas in your life that feel out of balance and are causing you stress. cultivatingbalanceforyou@gmail.com or 207- 332-9003

Cultivating Balance is also offering a free Food & Body Balance Support Group for people struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, or who want to improve their relationship with food, body image and exercise. It is every Weds. from 6pm to 7pm at Maine Medical Center’s Dana Center. No need to sign up. Just show up.

Art of Awareness provides psychotherapy and body centered practices. Our approach is client centered and supports sustainable self-care. We are currently accepting new clients for Individual, Couples, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Art of Awareness is run by a collaboration of licensed therapists in South Portland. Our therapists are trained to provide therapeutic services for a wide range of mental health and wellness issues. We accept most commercial health insurance policies and offer services for adults, teens and children.

We have a vision of the Center being a place where safety, balance, and creative healing are the foundation of our work.

Please contact us at 207-799-1331 ext. 101 to discuss your treatment needs and to inquire about our services. Art of Awareness & Cultivating Balance are located at 813 Broadway in South Portland.

View our websites at
& cultivatingbalance.org

“Spring Into Sound” Voice Workshop For Women Begins April 4

Patricia Mulholland of “Be Your Note” Music Therapy Services is offering a voice workshop series for women, “Spring Into Sound,” at Village Yoga in Lower Village Kennebunk beginning Saturday, April 4. A board certified music therapist in private practice, Patricia brings a breadth of experience working with individuals using voice as a therapeutic modality and is particularly passionate about working with women. “Our voice and our relationship to it – our vocal presence -- signals how we feel about ourselves and can determine how we are perceived by others. In my 25 years of working in the business and academic contexts, and more recently in the clinical one, I have witnessed how an individual’s comfort or discomfort with this vital part of herself impacts her personal and professional life.”

Other focus areas of her practice include working with patients and families living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia and patients in neuro-rehabilitation. She offers group music therapy in a number of healthcare facilities and wellness settings and sees individuals in her studio. Aware that music therapy is not established in Maine, she is part of a State Task Force, led by The American Music Therapy Association, working to achieve state recognition so that music therapy can be integrated into Maine’s healthcare system.

Upcoming events include two presentations at the 2nd Annual Creative Health Conference at USM Gorham on May 30. She will offer: “The Role of Music Therapy in Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care” and “Music Improvisation: Deepening Connection to Self and Others.”

Patricia trained at Berklee College of Music, completed her internship with Seasons Hospice of Massachusetts, and obtained certification in Neurologic Music Therapy at Colorado State University.

You can learn more about her and music therapy at her website, www.beyournote.com, and at the website of The American Music Therapy Association at www.musictherapy.org.

Providing home care for you and your loved ones

At New England Family Healthcare, we strive to provide the best inhome services for you or your loved ones at affordable rates. Since 2001, we’ve been helping people with personal care (bathing/dressing), light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, companionship and the like. If you or a family member have had surgery, are going through a course of treatment, or can no longer do some of the everyday household chores you’ve always done, call us at 699- 4663 for a free consultation.

MassageCraft, Headquarters for Injury Specific Work

Do you suffer from pain or injury that keeps you from doing what you enjoy? Let the the experienced staff at MassageCraft put you on the road to recovery. Our practitioners have over 75 years of combined experience in eastern and western massage techniques and acupuncture. Not sure whether you need acupuncture or massage? Choose acupuncture for pain complicated by digestive distress, menstrual issues, respiratory problems, anxiety or depression. Too sore for a back massage? Acupuncture can alleviate back pain with a few needles placed in the hands. Are you feeling the effects of too many hours at the computer? Or perhaps you've over exerted chipping ice????? A deep tissue massage will work out the stiffness, soreness and knots. Your muscles will be longer, suppler, and you will be less prone to re-injury. Not to mention the positive effects both acupuncture and massage have on your sleep and stress levels.

MassageCraft & Acupuncture Clinic was established in 1991, with convenient locations in Biddeford and Old Orchard Beach. We accept workers compensation and some private insurance upon benefit verification. We offer corporate discounts to UNE, SMMC, and CSI. OPEN SUNDAYS Call 286-8416 or 934-0849 for an appointment. And please visit us at our web site: www.massagecraft.com.


Do you have missing teeth?

What purpose do partials serve?

In your mouth every tooth leans on the tooth ahead of it like the stones in an arch. When you lose a tooth, the arch will likely collapse. Teeth in the opposing arch above or below will begin to extrude (get longer) if there is no tooth to bite against. A properly constructed partial denture will serve to maintain a proper bite as well as chewing ability, comfort and efficiency.

Q: How do you clean partials?

A: Partials are removeable for cleaning.

Q: At this time I can’t afford implants What can be done in the meantime?

A: Partials are inexpensive in comparison to surgical implants, however, if you are considering implants, partials are a great option to bridge the gap as your tissue heals from extractions. The partial will prevent teeth from shifting into the space before you can afford your implant[s].

What makes removeable partialsaagreatoptionto replace missing teeth?




4. MODIFIABLE [teeth can be added if necessary]

5. NATURAL LOOKING RESULTS [no one will know which teeth are false which teeth are real]

Call (207) 985-0210 for a free consultation.

Now open Saturdays by appointment. 54 York Street, Kennebunk

Visit us on the web @ www.DentureSolutionsMaine.com

Dedicated to Help You Keep Moving for Life!

By Kelly Hassett

MedCOR Professionals

Movement. It's the essence of freedom, of an independent life. Yet for many of us, everyday movement and simple tasks present physical challenges that can be difficult. While most of us would like to "keep moving", it’s often more difficult than we imagine. Perhaps you’re an active baby boomer facing knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery. Perhaps your aging parent suffers from chronic arthritis or is recovering from a fall. In each of these cases, "keep moving" can become the stuff of dreams rather than reality.

There is good news, however. With today's technological advancements, researchers and manufacturers have developed products that can help many of us overcome the physical challenges of joint damage and aging.

Splints support the healing of weakened or fractured bones. Orthotic bracing and soft goods provide full body support and pain relief. Exercise and rehabilitation supplies can help us get moving again. Manual wheelchairs, knee walkers, canes, crutches, walkers, and rollators provide extra stability for short walks or wheels for longer excursions. Reachers, zipper pulls, and other daily living aids make everyday tasks easier and help people remain independent.

What's even better is that with a doctor’s recommendation, Medicare as well as many private insurance companies help pay for this equipment.

So, take heart, and make the decision to stay active. Ask questions and learn more about the products that help you and your loved ones stay independent and connected to the world. With a little determination and personalized assistance from a local medical supply and equipment company, everyone will be able to "keep moving for life".

To see if they can help you or your loved one speed up a recovery, visit MedCOR at 152 U.S. Route One, Scarborough, ME or call (207) 222-2828.

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