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‘No-spray’ list is an option for residents

To the editor:

Spring is displaying signs of a welcomed arrival and with it come thoughts of the great outdoors. One lovely day last summer when tending our garden I noticed a motorized cart slowly making its way down our sidewalk with two young people driving in it. One was dousing the grass sprouting out between the cracks of our front sidewalk with a liquid spray. They were unaware of either the name or composition of the herbicide. In a flash I imagined our grand dog sniffing the layer of liquid herbicide and our neighbor’s children playing on their sidewalk, innocent of the chemical spray and inhaling its harmful effects. When I called the South Portland Parks and Recreation Program, I found out the name of the chemical herbicide is Roundup, a product of Monsanto. Another name for roundup is Glyphosate.

After doing some Internet research, I discovered that there have been studies linking lymphoma, a form of cancer afflicting the lymphatic system, to Roundup. I am concerned about this chemical spraying in our neighborhoods. It affects our families, our pets, our ground water running into Casco Bay and our friendly insects that kill off unfriendly insects. Twenty-four Maine communities have banned the use of pesticides on city property. Ogunquit has gone one step further and passed a city ordinance banning pesticides from private as well

The Sentry encourages readers to submit letters to the editor. The editor reserves the right to edit letters for style, request revisions or reject letters. Email is the preferred method for transmitting letters to editor@inthesentry.com. Deadline is Mondays at 5 p.m. as city property. If enough voices are heard, maybe South Portland could be pesticide free.

If you would like to be put on a no-spray list, you can call the South Portland Community Center, 767-7645, and ask to speak with Doug Howard, director of Parks and Public Works. Doug is very accommodating.

Jaynie Schiff-Verre South Portland

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