2015-05-01 / Letters

Will going ‘green’ help the city move forward?

To the editor:

I have some big concerns about the South Portland City Council’s “green” agenda and what it is doing without going to the voters.

First, hiring a sustainability person? Why? With her salary and benefits that is costing us probably close to $65,000-plus. We already recycle. If they really want to clean up the city, get some volunteers to go around to the traffic islands and pick up cigarette butts and trash. Almost free.

Then the solar farm – $6 million to provide electricity to about 600 homes? Maybe full time, sometimes part time. That’s somewhere around 13,000 to 1,500 people in a city of 22,000.

Why should all of us have to pay for a few homes to maybe have electricity? We already fund electric car charging to a select few.

Why? It doesn’t seem too fair.

Our taxes are going up every year and every year it’s the same explanation of it only being 2 percent. Well, that 2 percent per year adds up to 10 percent over five years. I don’t know anyone who has gotten near a raise large enough to cover that.

Myhusbandhasgottena2percentraise period over the past four years.

This green agenda that is being forced on us is doing nothing but costing us money. That and the constant whining for more money from the school department even though graduation rates haven’t improved over the past 15 years. They’re going to drive us to the poor house.

Kandi-Lee Hoy South Portland

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