2015-05-08 / Letters

Governor wrong in flexing muscles

To the editor:

Ahh, the most (un)impressive and (dis)reputable Mr. Paul LePage has, once again, dropped his gubernatorial drawers for those businesses he continually woos; the same polluting entities that care not for the health and well-being of the residents of our city and state. (At least he’s sure to have an abundance of Vaseline at hand while doing so.)

This time he has resorted to figuratively slapping the wrists of South Portland by revoking our “Business Friendly” certification. Gov. LePage exhibits all the subtlety of a belch in church by issuing this rebuke, which is obviously a response to South Portland’s passage of the Clear Skies Ordinance last year, prohibiting the export of Canadian tar sands from our waterfront (something that our so-called good neighbor, Portland Pipeline, currently suing us as a result of the ordinance, claims it had no plans for).

If anything, LePage’s spiteful fit of pique does serve to further illumine the stewardship demonstrated by our city council who, in their vote for the Clear Skies Ordinance, admirably embraced Jeremy Bentham’s Utilitarian ideal of “it is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong,” from “A Fragment On Government,” 1776. The council contested the might and wealth of the few and triumphed in protecting the majority of us who would have otherwise been adversely affected by Portland Pipeline’s un-neighborly plans.

I would wager that 99 percent of the businesses in South Portland would heartily “certify” us as being quite friendly and accommodating to them. It’s all a matter of mutual respect and appreciation, of which LePage is definitely in short supply.

William Duffy South Portland

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