2015-05-29 / Community

Instructional Support

Kathleen Cox, Director Dianne Paton, Assistant Director Faye Gmeiner, Instructional Support Administrator

Instructional Support continues to provide direct instruction and support services to students K-12 who are identified as students who require special education services. Services and instruction are required to be individualized and vary due to student needs. South Portland School Department has approximately 530 students who require special education. Teachers of special education and related services have spent this year engaged in adopting a proficiency-based learning system. By maximizing the benefit of a proficiency-based learning system we are promotingSubmittedpurposeful,respectfullyplanfulby Dianeconversations about instruction between special educators process has involved working with our Director of Lang,and K-Proud12 classroomto Be Kalerteachers.Principal.This Curriculum and Instruction, Becky Brown. Becky joined our district wide meetings to assist staff with aligning goals for students using the Essential Learning Targets. This important work will continue in the coming school year.

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