2015-05-29 / Community

Kaler Elementary School

Bonnie Hicks, Principal

Here at Kaler, we are very fortunate to be part of a truly transformational educational experience. The School Department obtained a $1.6 Million School Improvement Grant which has afforded us additional resources and materials that provides Kaler students with a highlyghly rigorous and relevant educational experience. The SIG grant is determining our success through the lens of State assessments. Specically, we are charged with increasing student prociently by 10% for math and reading annually. As part of our Priority School status we have been strengthening instructional programming, increased learning time by one hour daily, and have managed and used data more efciently and effectively. Further, we are building teaching skills through on-going professional development, providing additional supports for the behavioral and mental health of students, and are providing additional family and student support through community agencies. Wow, no small feat! While test results are not yet in, staff and families are condent that Kaler is providing an exceptional learning experience for all students. We are most proud of our increased efforts to engage students in hands-on, real-world integrated units of study (Project Based Learning) – 3 per year, as well as signicant increases in small group remedial support during the school day and after school tutorial. We love the fact that we have a ton of opportunities for parents and community to be part of our school experience. Kaler School and its small, but mighty PTA has offered at least a dozen school events, thus far. We have ensured 100% family participation during both parent conferences by providing varied opportunities to ensure that the school/home connection remains a priority. We continue to maintain institutional mainstays like Breakfast Buddies, Learning Buddies, and Garden Club. In the cold and snowy month of March, students read over 2000 hours and raised almost $900 for eld trips. Kaler is a lively, caring place of learning where the district’s mission of providing Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships remain at our core as we fulll the mission of quality learning for all.

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