2015-05-29 / Community

South Portland High School

Ryan Caron, Principal Kimberlee Bennett, Assistant Principal Joseph Moore, Assistant Principal

It has been a very exciting year at South Portland High School. The building project was officially completed following the winter break, making all of the new educational spaces available to students and staff. We take great pride in the building that the community has provided for us, and it is clear that the students do as well. Daily attendance is up, and as the student enrollment continues to increase, we look forward to making the most of all that the building has to offer. I am happy to report that the community is taking advantage of the new building as well. Many events have been scheduled into our new spaces ranging from booster club meetings to the Maine State Jazz Festival.Our work this year has supported the SPSD Core Values of Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. Staff members have been working to develop rigorous and attainable proficiency targets that will help to focus instruction and enhance the learning that takes place at SPHS. We are dedicated to continuing the strong academic tradition in South Portland while being mindful of the changing demographics within our city. Teachers continue to find new and exciting ways to deliver instruction, making the learning more relevant to students. We have expanded our internship program and are excited about the opportunity for students to meet high school proficiency targets while taking part in hands on learning at business and organization in South Portland and the Greater Portland area. The relationships between members of the South Portland High School learning community continue to be at the core of all that we do. We understand that when we take time to know our students, we are better able to provide learning opportunities that are suited for them as learners. This year we introduced the concept of restorative justice to the high school. By helping the students understand that their choices and actions often influence the greater community, and helping them to have productive conversations relating to behavior, we hope to avoid some of the interpersonal issues that can impede the educational process. We are excited to build upon this work next year.

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