2015-05-29 / Community

Transportation Department

Transporting the Community’s Most Precious Cargo

Lisa Gadway, Director

The Transportation Department has a new Director, Lisa Gadway. She has brought an immense amount of knowledge and excitement to the School Department and plans to make the Transportation Department the best one in Maine. She is proud to oversee a Department that transports—with an unblemished safety record—over 1,000 Pre-K to Grade 12 students to and from their homes each school day. The priority of departmental employees is to get every student where he or she needs to go in a timely and safe manner. South Portland’s 24 buses travel approximately 250,000 miles a year and log over 1,300 bus trips annually for athletic, extra-curricular, off-site classroom instruction, and field trips. Keeping these buses in tip-top shape is a challenging task.

The School Department’s bus mechanics work many hours to make sure the school buses are safe on the roads, and improving the School Department’s vehicle preventative maintenance plan is another top priority for Ms. Gadway. Transportation Department employees work long hours as buses are on the road from 6:30 in the morning to after 5:00 in the evening. These employees are transporting students on their regular home and school runs plus driving students to out-of-district schools in Saco, Portland, and New Gloucester on a daily basis. Other daily trips include transporting homeless students residing in Westbrook, Portland, Gorham, and Biddeford to and from district schools. In addition, late bus runs are provided for students staying after school for instructional support at Memorial Middle School and the high school and for afternoon programs at some of the elementary schools. The Department’s goal is to continue improving transportation efficiency while keeping student safety at the top of the list. The Transportation Department’s staff is a great group of caring individuals that work hard to keep South Portland’s most precious cargo safe and secure.

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