2015-06-05 / Letters

Calculation is not complicated

To the editor:

Regarding the story, “Gas proposal in limbo,” in the May 29 edition of the Sentry, I am left with doubts about the ability of South Portland Code Enforcement Officer Pat Doucette to fulfill her duties as such.

Many if not all students at South Portland High School, my alma mater, with passing grades in a science class know that the unit of measure of a liquid, whether presented as gallons or cubic feet, is an interchangeable measure. Eight ounces of water is the same measure as one cup of water just as it is also 0.008355 cubic feet of water. Whether described in ounces, cups or cubic feet, it is all the same amount of water.

For Ms. Doucette to say the quantity of liquid propane NGL proposes to store on property between residential neighborhoods at Cash Corner and Thornton Heights is 360,000 gallons, but not 48,125 cubic feet, is nonsense. The amount of liquid is exactly the same regardless of which unit of measure is used to describe it.

My doubts are supported further by Ms. Doucette’s claim that propane is not derived from petroleum. Propane most certainly is derived from crude oil in processes that also produce gasoline and fuel oil, and as such, is a petroleum-based product.

This is not rocket science. What is going on here?

Stephen Demetriou
South Portland

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