2015-09-18 / Letters

Support your city’s mayor

To the editor:

South Portland is once again, as it does every year, setting before its voters a slate of public offices for their consideration. I urge voters to seriously do their homework and inform themselves about these candidates before deciding for whom to vote.

Offices for city council, school board and water district are on the slate. These are all three-year terms so, please, take this seriously. These people that we all elect will be making decisions that affect all of our lives for some times.

The South Portland City Council over the past few years has had to deal with some very important and controversial topics. Anyone following the council’s action during that time knows this. As a former councilor, I can attest to the fact that those meeting are challenging. But, in part, what held them together was the (peer elected) position of mayor.

Linda Cohen is running for reelection and I encourage you to consider voting for her. Linda has a long record of public service, not only to South Portland, but to other Maine cities. As a councilor, Linda is not a person who jumps to conclusions on an issue, but considers all the ramification of the issue … also, in her comments and opinions.

In addition, whoever said that “one vote doesn’t matter” never sat on the city council. One vote, especially if your vote or comment is the first in a session, has a dramatic effect on the situation. It not only states your view, but also influences your fellow councilors view or vote. Like in other situations timing is everything.

Our councilors represent all the people of the city of South Portland, not just the people in the district they reside.

I ask you to consider Linda Cohen for reelection. We need level-headed and calm people on our city council in these times of change in South Portland.

Michael R. Pock South Portland

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