2015-10-09 / Letters

Former mayor, councilor is right for the position

To the editor:

Linda Cohen has experience, knowledge and a commitment to the city of South Portland that makes her the best candidate for city council in the coming election. Please vote for her so that she can continue to work with her fellow councilors to preserve what’s good, improve what isn’t working and address any challenges ahead.

The knowledge that Linda acquired as city clerk in both South Portland and Portland has not only prepared her for many of the issues of city government but has also given her valuable insight into the process and skills needed to discuss an issue and weigh the merits of the diverse opinions presented.

These past three years serving as a councilor, Linda has shown understanding and appreciation for the views of others. She has made decisions that reflect not only her life experiences but also the knowledge and experiences of city staff and the public.

Once again, please vote for Linda Cohen on Nov. 3.

Linda Boudreau South Portland

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