2015-10-16 / Letters

Candidates debate was not done fairly

To the editor:

“To be or not to be, that is the question.”

William Shakespeare’s famous quote could be rephrased as, “To speak out or not to speak out, that is the question.”

Too many people in South Portland have let the group known as “Protect South Portland” speak for them. Who elected these people? I sure didn’t. They started with misinformation on the tar sand issue then on to pesticides and now it is propane that is going to kill us all.

A candidates forum was recently held and moderated by Protect South Portland (18 of the 21 people attending were the same people who came before the microphones during the tar sand issue). I don’t think it was a coincidence that only two candidates knew the answers to the questions posed from the audience before they were asked. This is how they work. The Democrats in South Portland, as well as the Republicans, can’t hold a candle to this group’s organizing strategies.

Citizens of South Portland, speak up. Submit questions to be asked at the next forum, Thursday, Oct. 29. Those questions will not be given to a select few. Email them to mvaillancourt@atrlaw. pro.

We need to band together to protect ourselves from Protect South Portland. When we have a legal election and that decision is overruled by our elected city councilors, then we have a problem. We don’t need the creation of another ordinance that suits the minority. Protect South Portland won because they organized to find a way to override our vote.

I was told that if I didn’t go along with the views of Protect South Portland that my political career would be over. My reaction to this was, “What political career?” Despite that comment, I ran anyway.

Michael R. Pock South Portland

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