2015-10-16 / Letters

Resident is right for the position

To the editor:

I am pleased that Mr. Eben Rose has thrown his hat in the ring as a candidate for councilor on the South Portland City Council in the upcoming election. His energy and experience in city policy and governance gained over the years as a clear, thoughtful and active voice in the community, will be of even greater benefit to the city as a councilor.

Mr. Rose’s views and priorities are clearly in line with the city’s Comprehensive Plan, developed in recent decades by South Portland citizens and councils. Furthermore, his overall guiding principle is both prudent and common sense, namely (and I paraphrase) that the city government should: safeguard and promote the health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare of our citizens.

As part of this he places a high priority on the city being business friendly to community-friendly businesses.

Mr. Rose, despite a busy personal life, has always found time to contribute thoughtfully to this community’s democratic process from the private sphere. I hope he is elected to public sphere office on the council.

His experience, energy and passion for a healthy South Portland community will be invaluable.

Bob Whyte South Portland

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