2015-10-16 / Letters

Social media post worries resident

To the editor:

South Portland City Council candidate

Ernie Stanhope recently posted an Internet meme on Facebook that states that the word “liberal” is an acronym for “lazy ignorant bastard exuding racism and lies.”

South Portland’s City Council is nonpartisan. If I’ve got a pothole on my street that needs fixing and I can’t get help from city hall, I don’t care whether my councilor is a conservative, liberal, centrist or apolitical; I do care that he’ll listen to all of his constituents, no matter who they are or which party they’re enrolled in.

Referring to a large segment of the population as “lazy ignorant bastards exuding racism and lies” does not convince me that Mr. Stanhope would listen to South Portland citizens whose views differ from his own.

We deserve a councilor who will work for all of us, not just some of us. Hateful rhetoric has no place in South Portland government and should be rejected by the voters.

Adrian Dowling South Portland

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