2015-10-30 / Letters

Candidate is so much more

To the editor:

I cannot imagine a more qualified person to elect as a city councilor than Linda Cohen. She has worked as city clerk in both South Portland (1989-2001) and Portland (2001-2011), working with more than 20 different city councils. She is currently the District 4 city councilor, the mayor of South Portland and branch manager of Bangor Savings Bank.

She is past president of the South Portland/Cape Elizabeth Chamber of Commerce and past director of development for LearningWorks in Portland.

Linda understands the need for communication between city hall and the people of South Portland. She works tirelessly to improve that communication and is a great supporter of local businesses. Throughout her career in public service she has exemplified such dedication, leadership and integrity that she is highly regarded by not only those who have worked with her in local government, but people throughout the state with whom she has worked on various projects.

I truly believe that Linda Cohen has the experience and drive to continue to serve the people of South Portland in her own exceptional way. I have known Linda for about 50 years (Wow!). During those many years, I have seen her become the confident, strong, dedicated, respected, kind and caring woman she is today. I am proud to call her friend and mayor.

Kathryn Lovejoy South Portland

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