2015-11-20 / Letters

Resident calls out councilor

To the editor:

It is time for South Portland Councilor Brad Fox to come clean or get out. So far, Fox has brushed aside allegations by fellow Councilor Claude Morgan that he has been conducting business with his personal Gmail account instead of his city issued email. This is a gross misuse of Councilor Fox’s electoral privileges. It is deceitful to the citizenry of South Portland and it is against city policy.

Councilor Fox has made no secret his stance on the proposed NGL application for propane storage at Rigby Yard. His fear mongering is well documented. So why the need for communication outside the public eye? What pot is councilor Fox trying to stir up behind the curtain? What is so difficult about understanding city policy regarding email usage and the need for full transparency? If Councilor Fox is unable to comprehend this simple policy, why does he think he should be entrusted to tackle real issues?

In a recent article printed in another newspaper, Councilor Fox is quoted in response to the allegations as, “I don’t know what Councilor Morgan is talking about.” Further in that same article, Councilor Fox is quoted as saying “I’m not asking anyone to discuss anything online. I’d be more worried if I was the responder.” So what is it, councilor, you’ve admitted personal email usage, yet you don’t know what Councilor Morgan is talking about?

So far, Councilor Fox has met these allegations with nothing more then snarky self righteous indignation. His disregard for written policy and nonchalance should be a wake up call to the people of South Portland. Councilor Fox clearly only has his own agenda as a priority and he is willing to subvert the process in order to see it achieved. The unethical behavior should be met head on by the remaining councilors and by the citizens of South Portland, and a full resignation of Councilor Fox should be the only outcome.

Ernie Stanhope South Portland

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