2015-12-18 / Letters

Area immigrants should unite

To the editor:

I think that the Portland and South Portland community should make a night where all of the immigrants sit together and talk about their lives and what they have overcome. Many of the immigrants are going to have a lot to say.

The immigrants have a lot inside them. It would be nice to sit down and talk about what they have endured. The stories that they have inside them are sitting on their chests and once they talk it would make them feel better. It would be a good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other too. This evening could be at Portland Public Library or at South Portland Public Library. Everyone is welcomed. Volunteers would be welcomed too because they will be in need.

Rosemarie DeAngelis, my English teacher at Southern Maine Community College, is supporting me with this idea. To make this happen I will need all of the support that I can get from everyone. Also, I will need to talk to both of the

Sarem Mahmoud Iraq

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