2015-12-25 / Letters

City experienced a loss

To the editor:

South Portland lost one of its finest citizens this season when it lost Henrietta Robinson La Rou, who died recently.

Henrietta “Henty” Robinson La Rou was my hero. When I first met Henty, I was in awe of her knowledge of South Portland history, of her wit, her charm, and her stamina. Politically astute, always aware of the issues, she would often call to say, “Rosemarie, I heard you last night on television and I want to talk to you about...” I would visit, and we would chat for hours. She held my interest like very few can do.

Her home was always pristine; she served tea in a china tea cup and anyone who knows me knows that warmed my heart. She would answer the door, dressed to the nines, and welcome me. Once I told her of a student I had who was in need; she opened her checkbook without hesitation, even though that was not my request or expectation.

At 93, she would still recall the days when she was 8, describing Ferry Village and the stories of those times, telling them with details, charm and sparkle.

She always called to be sure I put my political signs on her lawn. Her laugh brought a smile to my face. When I served as mayor, I honored Henty for her contributions to this city, so well deserved.

She even joined my book group, read the book in total, and contributed to the discussion with interest and intellect. I can see her face, I can hear her voice, and I will remember her forever with fondness, admiration and yes, as my hero. If I can be half the person Henty was, I would consider my life a success.

Rosemarie De Angelis South Portland

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