2015-12-25 / Letters

Reader offers titles

To the editor:

The Sentry often prints letters to the editor, as well as conventional news articles about climate change and global warming. For your readers strongly interested in this this subject, I would suggest two books, “A Disgrace to the Profession” by Mark Steyn and “Climate Change .... The Facts,” by Alan Moran.

The information in these books clearly show climate change and global warming to be nothing but a hoax, probably the biggest hoax ever developed against the American people and those of other countries; just a plan to grab taxpayers’ money for their own use.

These books also inform the reader about solar and wind power, and how these do not have the ability to replace the fuel we use now to generate sufficient electric power for domestic and industrial use – very high cost for very little return.

Your readers should know about these two books and have the opportunity to decide for themselves the truth or fiction about this subject matter.

Bill Nilson South Portland

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