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Cited author focus of lawsuit

To the editor:

Last week the Sentry published a letter from Bill Nilson, “Reader offers titles.” I commend the Sentry for publishing an opposing view on climate change, however, I fault Mr. Nilson on his choice of authors.

Mark Steyn, a Canadian citizen currently living in New Hampshire, wrote for the “National Review,” a conservative bi-weekly founded by William Buckley. Mr. Steyn is currently a defendant in a defamation lawsuit along with the National Review and Competitive Enterprise Institute for comments made regarding climatologist Michael E. Mann. The defendants filed an anti-SLAPP motion, which the judge ruled against. They took the motion to a new judge who also denied their motion to dismiss. They then filed a motion with the D.C. Court of Appeals that was heard in late November 2014. This is an ongoing discussion.

Mr. Nilson’s second author, Alan Moran, was a right wing government official in Australia (specialized in economics). Dr. Moran did not write the book – he was the editor for Institute of Public Affairs. “The IPA is one of the few right wing lobby groups in Australia that campaigns for action to increase global warming and climate change,” According to the Australian Business Review. Alan Moran was let go because his views went to far, even for the IPA.

In my humble opinion, if you’re going to deny something, at least have credible scientific facts to back up your arguments.

Bob Foster South Portland

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