2016-01-08 / Front Page

Public works retiree Russ Lunt is Sentry’s ‘Great Person’

By Wm. Duke Harrington
Staff Writer

SOUTH PORTLAND – Voting has concluded in the Sentry’s annual Great Person Award, and while Managing Editor Molly Lovell-Keely said the tally was close, the results are clear – Russ Lunt was the favored choice among readers of the paper.

Lunt, a South Portland native who spent his career in the city’s public works department, has become a fixture at city council meetings in his retirement. Often praised for his “pure positivity” – as a fellow resident put it at one recent meeting – Lunt is sometimes referred to as “the eighth councilor.”

A resident of Brigham Street, Lunt was nominated by Joel Cohen, who deemed his friend very involved with local happenings.

“He has his finger on the pulse of South Portland,” Cohen said.

Notified Tuesday that he came out on top in reader poll, Lunt reacted in characteristic fashion.

“I won? Oh, man, that is so fabulous,” he said. “That award means so much to me. To have people want to vote for me is so humbling. Oh, that is so nice. I am, truly, very appreciative.”

Lunt will be featured in a profile in next week’s issue of the Sentry.

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