2016-01-29 / Letters

New Year is a time to reflect

To the editor:

I often like to acknowledge those things for which I am grateful and having great people in our community is one of them. First I want to recognize Tony Vigue and Moe Amaral from SPC-TV. Once again they produced the program for my students called, “Sacred Stories” at city hall. It was, again, an amazing event and Tony and Moe made that possible. Their staff, Shawn Quirk and Cindy Czubryt brought quality and excellence to the program, being sure every detail was attended. I cannot thank them enough. Neither can my students.

Next I want to recognize police Officer Shane Stevenson. Shane visited my college writing class with his K-9 dog, Zack. He spent over an hour explaining his work, his dog training and the job challenges, keeping the attention of 23 college students, which is not easy. They all loved Zack (well, most did!), and Shane provided important education, particularly to students who originate from countries where the police are never your friend. He gave a new perspective, and the students were intrigued.

Last but not least, I want to mention neighbors, those close and some a bit “away” – people who let me know that they watch out for me, help me if I need it and open their hearts and homes: Ann, Lynn, Joe and Jill Kirk, my local woodworker, Kathy, and many others, including the Crowleys now in Durham who open their home to Color of Community every Thanksgiving (this year I brought 12 with me) and the Williams in Damariscotta, who welcomed 12 of us for their annual holiday fundraiser as well. These are people who make my life better every day. Thank you.

May 2016 bring you blessings and good cheer; remember to take a moment to express your gratitude.

Rosemarie De Angelis South Portland

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