2016-02-12 / Letters

School board members should get priorities straight

To the editor:

South Portland School Board member Rick Carter recently compared having signs on the football field to “selling your souls” to the devil of advertising. I already pay for ads in the high school sports programs. Ad signs are an extension of that. Restrictions on placement and size should keep this reasonable idea from becoming an out of control endeavor.

Tappen Fitzgerald and Carter would rather raise taxes for all residents than take money from businesses that are more then willing to use their advertising dollars to support high school sports. As a local business owner I am proud to support our athletes in any way I can. I have a scoreboard with my logo on it at Wainwright Field already. Why not save the soccer team or the coaches’ stipends by allowing my local business to put a sign where my hometown team plays? It’s a win-win situation for all.

It is as much about pride as it is about common sense. This is the problem with most city officials – school board or city council. Common sense is disappearing. Whether it’s turning away fundraising ideas that don’t raise taxes or changing the rules repeatedly to keep a business out of town (NGL). This city just keeps disappointing me. I pray to God that someday common sense will come back

Ernie Stanhope South Portland

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