2016-02-26 / Community

Officials want to put an end to breast cancer

Rep. Kevin Battle (R-South Portland) partnered with the National Breast Cancer Coalition to gain public endorsements for an initiative called “Deadline 2020.” This is a national grassroots movement seeking to end breast cancer by Jan. 1, 2020.

The initiative does not involve increased funding, rather its organizers are calling for an end to the status quo with three specific focus areas:

 Access: Making sure people who with or at risk of breast cancer have access to information, quality care and scientific advances.

 Influence: Educating media, advocates, researchers and policy maker s to change the conversation about breast cancer from awareness and screening to prevention and saving lives.

 Research: Utilizing advocate-led, innovative, mission-driven research arm, the Artemis Project, the National Breast Cancer Coalition facilitates collaborations that involve researchers, advocates, and other key stakeholders. Artemis Project participants design and implement research plans focused on two areas: Primary Prevention – stopping people from getting breast cancer in the first place and Preventing Metastasis to stop people from dying of breast cancer.

Gov. Paul LePage has joined the House Republican caucus in making a public endorsement of Deadline 2020.

“Almost every family has had some kind of personal connection to breast cancer,” LePage. “Raising awareness is such an important step in reaching our ultimate goal, which is to end breast cancer. The more we can all do together to share information and hope, the more Mainers we can help, and the more lives we can save.”

“Just about everyone has watched helplessly as breast cancer has impacted the lives of their friends and loved ones,” Battle said. “Eradicating breast cancer permanently is a monumental challenge but we have to start somewhere. The more public officials we can get to endorse this initiative, the closer we’ll be to actually achieving that goal.”

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