2016-03-04 / Community

What’s Going On South Portland


As part of the Waterfront Market Association, Knightville has much to be proud of, with vibrant businesses that are integral to the South Portland community, and caring business owners who give time and resources to help wherever and whenever possible, helping schools, civic groups, Art in The Park, local sports groups, music programs and the robotics club. Look around and they are there. Why do you suppose the City Council does not see how important this is? They are in the process of determining a way to reduce access to these businesses in the Knightville neighborhood. While many can walk 2 to 3 blocks to enjoy these family businesses, many cannot. This access is important to all, and very important to those neighbors with mobility or memory issues who rely on the quaint, manageable size of this shopping area. In addition, people have clearly shown they really enjoy the convenience of the angled parking. The diversity of this area is a gem that should be celebrated, not lost. Please let the city know you care. Write and e-mail to the City Manager Jim Gailey (jgailey@southportland.org) and District 2 Councilor Patti Smith (psmith@southportland.org). They- and all the City Council- need to know that disrupting this exceptional and unique area is not what we need to do. Instead, let’s find solutions that increase accessibility. There is a City Council meeting March 7th at 7:pm. at City Hall. Please show up and let your voice be heard. Let’s preserve Knightville!

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