2016-03-11 / Letters

Be wary of teens and social media

To the editor:

Teenagers are at the age where they are active and curious, wanting to express themselves, especially when social network becomes available. The more social network trends becomes popular, the more dangerous it can be.

First, it can have a big effect on teens mentally. The common things teens usually do is post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter about what they do, where they go, expensive things they have and good food they eat, trying to get “likes” and other comments. These things make them forget to do their homework because the thing they focus on is how to be “hot” on social networks. It’s dangerous when it becomes a habit. Virtual life makes teens more vulnerable to Internet addiction and can cause uncontrolled behavior in real life. It can even cause personality changes.

Second, teens spend more time on social networks than doing outside activities and having real experiences. When they grow up, the passive personality will be formed and they may become irresponsible. Real life does not look exactly like what they see on social network. Everyone can post whatever they want including pornography and violence.

In sum, schools and parents should enhance outdoor activities for teens, organizing galas for them to be more social and have fun. Encourage them to join volunteer activities so that they can see they are useful to society, and by that way they will live more responsibly.

Trang Le Vietnam

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