2016-03-11 / Letters

Bullying is a silent issue experienced by many

To the editor:

Schools do not always report bullying and nobody knows how to stop it. Bullying has become the biggest issue in schools today and it happens in many different ways, but no one talks about it.

I sometimes imagine myself walking to school and all the students start to call my nickname and make fun of it; this could be a nightmare for them. First of all, the dangers of bullying can affect someone to think about suicide.

The solutions are possible if everyone talks about how dangerous it is. People are thinking it is not a big deal but if there was a young girl or young boy bullied, I think you might change your mind.

Bullying has no mercy and people need to take responsibility for each other and realize the consequences; we need to stop bullying immediately. Bullies think they are tough, strong and popular but they do not know how the victim is feeling. All this can stop with a little conversation. Therefore we all should stand up together, face our fears and end this problem together.

Tai Le Viet Nam

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