2016-03-11 / Letters

Community service is good for all

To the editor:

Should people do more community service? Many people choose to volunteer because it’s a way to show their kindness. When people participate in community service, they are helping in many ways. I believe community service brings people together and teaches us how to be leaders. It can benefit us in many ways.

Many teenagers do community services in their high school years, which improves their ability to learn new things. Some elderly people do it because they have a lot of time and they want do something useful while others do it because it’s fun and exciting to meet new people who have a different point of view. Donating time for our community is really important because we want to keep the environment safe for young children and the elderly. We can be role models for the young people. We share ideas with others who have different opinions, figure how to help people without risking our lives and help make our community a better place.

We contribute to our family, so why not contribute to the community? This can give us a chance to be heard too. We never know what we can give until we give it.

Ibrahim Dahir Somalia

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