2016-03-11 / Letters

Do everything you can to prevent school shootings

To the editor:

School shootings are dangerous and too many young people die. What can you do?

There are many solutions to decrease violence, such as providing schools with security, which will help protect everyone. First, we should teach students how to protect themselves when they face dangerous situations by following specific rules. Second, we should ask all people who come to school to go through the security checks, even if we know them. Third, make gun control by using laws to decrease guns in the area and do not allow the teenagers to buy guns anymore. Also, we have to be close to the students to know their behaviors. Some students have many issues such as depression or other mental health concerns, so they need more attention than others.

Education starts at home. Additionally, parents have a big responsibility to teach their children. If everyone does their part, it’s easier to build a peaceful world and responsible generation. It’s your turn to protect your children. There is also an organization to prevent violence called Maine DOE Newsroom. Today is the day to call 624- 6886.

Rasha Burkeba Iraq

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