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Get involved and make connections

To the editor:

Going to college is a new chapter in most people’s lives. You may have to move from one state to another, sometimes even a different country. You may not know anyone from your college before you move in and that can be very stressful. What is the best way to make friends or meet new people? Join a sports team or be part of different activities. You may meet people who have the same interests as you do, which could be a great start for a friendship.

I would like to use myself as an example. I came to SMCC from Finland, and I didn’t know anybody from Portland or SMCC. I’m part of the basketball team here at SMCC, and I couldn’t expect a better start to my college career. When I met my teammates on the first day of school, it was easy to make new friends. When you have the same interests as another person it makes it easier to build a relationship with them. There is something common that combines the other people and I on the team. I can’t highlight the value that it has on your life. You can also make lifelong friendships with the other members of the team. In my experience, the best thing is being able to share memorable moments with my teammates after many years of college.

All in all, Southern Maine Community College has a variety of different activities. All the choices are not based on sports, and I’m sure that everyone can find something that would pique some interest. There is, for example, an SMCC student newspaper or nursing club for non-athletes, for those who want to get more involved in campus life, serve their community and develop their leadership skills. SMCC offers a club called The Center for Student Involvement & Leadership. There are also many athletic clubs available, for example, soccer, baseball, volleyball and even fitness or running clubs for those who are interested in different sports.

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to become involved. Being part of the college community gives you more experience to meet students from different backgrounds. Don’t hesitate to visit online and get to know our college. Do it now and find your place.

Ville Wuorenjuuri Finland

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