2016-03-11 / Letters

Let’s not get personal

To the editor:

Hey, South Portland City Council, how about spending less time debating the alleged impropriety of Councilor Eben Rose’s exchange with Rosemarie De Angelis, and more time on issues that actually matter, such as NGL, pesticide ban, city traffic, zoning, etc.? Talk about a political “tempest in a teacup.”

I find it embarrassing and shameful that time and energy was wasted hurling contentious accusations such as “blackmail” and “Tammany Hall” at a fellow councilor; a councilor who was absent from the meeting and therefore unable to even defend himself – not to mention being condemned before all the evidence had been provided. We already went through all this with equally wasted time on another councilor’s use of email. Sigh. None of Councilor Rose’s actions deserved, not even remotely, this vitriolic attack. This type of behavior smacks of grandstanding and merely encourages certain exploitative types to stir the political stew in the vain hope of slithering in and securing already lost seats.

We don’t need a reflection of our useless U.S. Congress in South Portland. Just please do your job, councilors, and keep personal acrimony out of city council meetings.

William Duffy South Portland

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