2016-03-11 / Letters

Students present letters to public

To the editor:

Each semester my Advanced ESL writing students at Southern Maine Community College do a project about learning to write, to persuade. The Sentry has been kind enough to print these letters so that these young college students from around the globe learn to write as well as experience freedom of the press, something many of them have never known. Several letters ran in the Feb. 26 Sentry.

It is a powerful unit, and we appreciate your reactions. Please do not hesitate to write your own letter to the editor, telling us what you think; maybe you would prefer to send an email to me (rdeangelis@smccme.edu) to give feedback or, better yet, you might like to visit our class. We would love it.

These students deserve your praise. Thanks for reading.

Rosemarie DeAngelis, SMCC professor South Portland

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