2016-04-01 / Letters

Asylum seekers can prosper in Maine

To the editor:

Maine is Vacationland for some and opportunity land for others. These past few years, we are seeing a lot people coming to Maine. Those people are asylum seekers from everywhere in the world. Those people are leaving their country for political issues. Most of them are very educated and can be part of the community. Maine is also very safe to live. There is rarely crime at all.

Maine offers the best services when it comes to helping people, especially the low-income family. Those families don’t have anything. They left their country with everything they had. Those people are receiving help from the city but those services aren’t totally free. You have to work to pay your rent. I really like the idea because it is going to be a good community.

Second, asylum seekers are coming also because they know someone. Their friends help them to find a house and bring them to general assistance so they can have a start somewhere in life.

Third, there is also adult education. There are free ESL class for any immigrant who would like to learn. Sixty percent of the students are African and 40 percent are from other cultures. I personally graduated last year from Portland Adult Education and I’m very thankful for the city to give me this opportunity. Thank you to my teachers and those people who believed in me.

In conclusion, I love to live in Maine because people are very friendly. I encourage other Mainers to treat asylum seekers the way I have been treated: respectfully, with dignity and integrity.

Aicha Ibrahim Djibouti

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