2016-04-01 / Letters

Attention artists

To the editor:

When my family moved to South

Portland five years ago, we were told that our neighborhood was full of artists with studios in their basements, garages and attics. I have to say that I’m still looking for these places, and other people might be looking, as well.

If you have a studio or workshop and would be interested in participating in a possible South Portland-based studio tour, please send an email to michael.erard@gmail.com with this information:

 A description of what you make or create

 The address of your studio, so that the distances between studios can be mapped. If you don’t feel comfortable giving the exact number, just a street name and some other landmark is fine.

The tour (if and when it happens) will include all types of artists and craftspeople: traditional “fine arts” (painting, sculpture, ceramicists, glassblowers) as well as textile arts (weaving, knitting), metalworking, woodworking (furniture, instruments), and printing (letterpress, silkscreen). If I’ve left something out of this list, please know that it was inadvertent, not a vendetta against your pursuit.

Michael Erard South Portland

The following letters are from students in Rosemarie De Angelis’s Advanced ESL Writing class at Southern Maine Community College.

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